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In Home Pet Euthanasia


 Every pet owner hopes they never have to make the decision.  Euthanasia

or “putting a pet to sleep,” is often the hardest thing to do and the greatest act of kindness. When and how to perform this act is often not an easy decision based on the emotions of the pet owner and medicine’s ability to prolong life and the pet’s quality of life.

     Pets have always been an essential part of our family. We have grown up and lived our lives with pets in our home and hearts. We have experienced the enjoyment, the friendship and the sorrow that this special relationship brings. Guilt, fear, love, anger and many other emotions will affect the family when facing this difficult decision. Many pet owners wait and delay hoping their pet will “die in their sleep.” The Guilt after watching a pet suffer for days so that it could “die naturally” often haunts the owners for years to come. Love often means letting something go with dignity and peace before they start to suffer. 

     A family member passing is never easy, our goal in providing this service is to make the transition easier for both your pet and his or her family.
By providing this service at home we can create a sense of comfort because pets, like us, are most comfortable at home. Being able to pass at home with all the love and support that a family can provide can make passing so much easier. As we have shared in good and bad times, we can also share in the easing of pain and suffering humanely in their final days. This procedure can be performed any where your pet is most comfortable whether it is inside or out. A favorite bed, a shady tree, a warm lap, or your arms can provide a comfortable setting to pass peacefully.

We are available 24 hrs a day seven days a week

including all major holidays.

Call us: (866) 473-8911

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